Knowsley Face

Knowsley FACE is the Council’s Family, Adult and Community Education Service. We develop and deliver a wide range of family, adult and community learning that encourages confidence, raises self-esteem, supports personal, creative and social development, helps individuals meet the challenges of modern life and improves employability skills. FACE encourages individuals to face fears around learning, be aware of and achieve their own potential, to be successful in learning and identify positive progression routes.

Courses are affordable, accessible and delivered at a range of venues across Knowsley. FACE relocated from Market’s Education Centre in August 2017 to our new base –New Hutte Neighbourhood Centre, Halewood. We are open Monday to Friday between 9:00am-5:00pm delivering a variety of accredited and non-accredited courses including;

Knowsley FACE is always looking for new ideas and would like to hear from residents in the Halewood area who would like to try a new skill. For further information contact Ange on 0151 443 5386
or email

Please see below for the latest course guide from Knowsley Family and Community Education, there are some really good courses on offer.
Contact the team at FACE  for more information or to reserve your place.

You can get up to date information on all the latest courses by visiting our facebook page by clicking here

Following on from the Community Learning Mental Health Research Project we delivered through our FACE Forward programme we are pleased to announce that we have been successful in attaining The Big National Lottery funding. This grant will see the project sustained for the next 3 years and FACE becoming a fully-fledged recovery college. Reaching out to FACE Forward works with adults and young people experiencing any degree of mental health issues, delivering community learning activities designed to help self-manage mental health conditions or enhance health/well-being. 
For further information about the programme contact Alex on 0151 443 5400 or Barbara on 0151 443 5399
or email: or